Anvis Group. Products for comfort.
  • 100% subsidiary of Sumitomo Riko Company Ltd., global market leader for automotive vibration control technology.
  • Global player with a network of 105 development and production sites in 23 countries.
  • Over 100 years' experience in the field of elastomers and expansion joints.
  • Development expertise for efficient, individual problem-solving, regardless of the type of material.



    Think Globally, Act Locally. This is how you create solutions that are optimised to meet the requirements of regional markets. A clear sign of our commitment to customer orientation.

    Global network

    • 12 production sites and 4 regional development departments in Germany, France, Russia and China enable optimised solutions for regional markets. 
    • ​Together with 91 production sites and a further 12 development centres belonging to Sumitomo Riko, this global development and production network spans 23 countries

    Global product range

    • As a global technology leader, Anvis provides anti-vibration solutions for the entire vehicle system. The central functional elements are designed and produced by us.
    • Product portfolio of Anvis, Sumitomo Riko and Dytech comprises the entire spectrum of automotive comfort optimisation solutions.
    • ​We carry out development and procurement as locally as possible.

    Regardless of which plant our parts come from, they are all "Made by Anvis" and thus always conform to the same worldwide quality standard.

    Customer focus: Catering for the specific needs of our customers and partners is our top priority.

    • Quality: We set the highest standards when it comes to expertise, reliability and service.
    • Standards: Our quality/HSE management personnel oversee quality assurance, development and mass production at all our sites throughout the world.
    • Continuous improvement process: All processes, products, workflows and results are subject to continuous monitoring and optimisation.
    • Safety: For us, quality is not just about the quality of our products and services, it's also about consistent efforts to protect the environment and look after people's health and safety.

    Even when we are pursuing business objectives, we are always aware of the sustainability of our actions. 

    • With our products we contribute to the reduction of vehicle weight and noise emissions. Compliance with global environmental standards is assured at all sites through ISO 14001 certificates. We also update the basic principles of our management philosophy on a daily basis. 
    • With outstanding products and services we are able to meet the needs of our customers using technical innovation. 
    • The safety of people and the community takes top priority in our work.
    • We strive to protect our global habitat and to improve its conditions.
    • We set high standards for our company values. We uphold the law to gain professional and personal trust around the world.
    • ​We promote an empowering corporate culture that respects the diversity, personality and individuality of our employees.

    Together with our parent company Sumitomo Riko we are evolving to become a Global Excellent Manufacturing Company. 

    This working relationship is based on the global Safety, Environment and Compliance Guideline (S.E.C.). Together we are striving to realise the "Vision 2020":

    Vision for innovation and growth

    • Achieving lasting growth for the existing business.
    • ​Venturing into new markets.
    • ​Setting up a common business structure in order to achieve long-term goals.​

    Strategy for 2020: top priorities

    • Improving our research and development capabilities with a view to developing new fields of business.
    • ​Stepping up our worldwide sales activities in order to boost our existing business in new regions.
    • ​Improving our common worldwide marketing activities.
    • ​Achieving a clear competitive advantage over local manufacturers in emerging nations.
    • ​Global staff development.


The Anvis Group

The Anvis Group is a producer and manufacturer of innovative solutions for driving comfort, driving dynamics and safety, and therefore is a global partner for all major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers – from the idea to series production. Our product portfolio includes chassis parts, engine mounts, exhaust system hangers, decoupling elements and vibration absorbers.


The Anvis Group has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Riko Ltd since 2013. The headquarters in Steinau an der Strasse, Hesse, Germany are also the European headquarters. The global network spans out from here. More than 2,500 Anvis employees work at 14 sites in 12 countries. The key development sites for products and processes are located in Germany and France. The local development departments in China and Russia are linked to these sites. The global network of Sumitomo Riko therefore comprises 103 sites in 23 countries.



A central component of the Anvis philosophy are irrevocable values. They define how we should work with each other, achieve goals and actively shape the future of the company.

  • Customer orientation
  • Sustainability
  • Open communication
  • Reliability
  • Innovation

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History and Tradition

More than 100 years of expertise in the development and production of rubber and rubber-metal components have made the Anvis Group one of the leading developers and manufacturers of automotive anti-vibration systems. Woco Michelin AVS establishes itself as a specialised provider of first-class vibration control solutions. In 2007, this becomes the Anvis Group. 

Operating under the name Kamata Belt, the production of rubber conveyor belts in 1929 marks the beginning of Sumitomo Riko Company Limited's success story in the city of Yokkaichi, Japan. In 1954, decades of experience in the mixing and processing of rubber enables entry into the automotive market, where the company makes its name through the decoupling of metal parts to reduce noise and vibrations. With the acquisition of the Anvis Group in 2013, Sumitomo Riko expands its global market leadership in the field of anti-vibration systems and the Anvis Group becomes the world market leader in automotive vibration control technology.



Michelin is established (Kléber-Colombes)


Woco is established


The first rubber-metal parts are produced



The company enters the AVS sector
Introduction of rubber, plastic and metal adhesion promotion technology



Michelin takes over the Kléber Group and establishes CMP Kléber Industry


The Anti-vibration Development Center opens


Woco begins production of hydraulic engine and chassis bearings


Woco Michelin
MICHELIN and WOCO establish a joint venture under the name WOCO MICHELIN AVS


Anvis Group
WOCO MICHELIN AVS is sold to ARQUES: The Anvis Group is created


Anvis Group
The Anvis Group is taken over by H.I.G.


Tokai Rubber Industries
Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI) acquires 100% of shares in the Anvis Group


Tokai Rubber Industries 
Tokai Rubber Industries Ltd. becomes Sumitomo Riko Co. Ltd.


House of Automotive Comfort